Who takes advice from Michael
Many of the world’s preeminent CEOs, trainers, speakers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs have soughtMichael’s coaching to unleash the power of their own organizations. He has conducted an estimated 11,000 private coachingsessions in 30 different locations of the world. Not only is Michael one of the highest-paid coaches in the industry,getting paid upwards of $100,000 per customer, he has a 99% success rate! He is an active philanthropistand the founder and partner of 7 successful companies generating millions in sales every year. He is affectionatelynamed “The World’s #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals” by Brian Tracy.
What people who’ve been coached by Michael are saying
Overcome the fears and hesitations
"Since getting personal coaching from Michael,I have learned the skills to overcome the fearsand hesitations holding me back from going formy goals. He taught me the step-by-step processthat has worked for thousands of others to getstarted and create a detailed plan to get mybusiness off the ground."

Natalie Glebova 
Miss Universe 2005 & Empowerist
Became a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur
“He showed me my patterns of success and howto use them...after that, it's so much easier toaccomplish my short-term goals. Michael is able tounderstand what's blocking you from achieving success,so that you can achieve your goals.”

Patric Chan, 
Co-Author, Clicking Cash
His Coaching Business is Now Making Him 5 Million Dollars a Year
“Since I got his coaching, I increased myincome by 600% in 2 months. I definitelyencourage you to hire Michael as asuccess coach.”

Akira Iguchi
Built a Million Dollar Coaching Business“
I have already doubled my income, registered for theCFA program, and completed my own financialcoaching program.”

Sebastien Leblond
Co-Founder of NLP TOP COACH
Raising my FOCUS POWER
“I really appreciate Michael’s teaching to help me ‘maintain the beautiful state’ no matter what happens in any situation. It is so valued in my life. I can focus more on my big goals. Thank you, Michael, for raising my FOCUS POWER. I believe he can help a lot of Thai people to achieve their dream lives.”

Master POP
NLP Coach
NLP is great because it is scientific and logical.
“We didn’t just listen to lectures but had fun actively participating. It teaches you how to communicate effectively and with compassion with both managers and subordinates. It helps clear communication obstacles and is good for those who are undergoing leadership development. I wish this course was part of the academic curriculum.”

Khunying Porntip Rojanasuan
Director, Central Institute of Forensic Science
Quit Smoking After Working with Michael and Increased Income by 46%
“With Michael's success coaching, I made a 46% increase in my income in just a few months of coaching and training.”

David Cramond
Built a Million Dollar Coaching Business
“With Michael's coaching, I started my coaching business and gained 11 clients in the first five months. And my closing rate is 68%! I earned more than $23,000 in the first few months.”

Misato Okamura
100 times worth the price
“Sign up for his coaching program. It's worth 100 times the price tag. Nothing really worked until I decided to hire Michael Bolduc as a coach. In the first 10 minutes of the first coaching session, I knew I'd made the right decision.”

Martin Messier
Generated €110,000 in revenue!
"Michael Bolduc has astonishing credibility. After I hired Michael as my personal coach, I generated €110,000 in revenue from my seminar and coaching business within 89 days. Michael Bolduc is a true authority on the subject of success coaching."

Smiljan Mori, 
Best Selling Author of MotivAction
$26,000 income per month
"Within only 30 days of Michael's coaching, my clients increased from 2 to 11, and my conversion rate went up to 68%. Within two months after I started coaching with him, I achieved $26,000 in income per month."

Fukiko Kobayashi
$31,000 in a month
"After Michael's coaching certification course, I got 10 coaching clients and made $31,000 in a month. I borrowed from the Japanese government to attend his seminar, and it paid off in only a month. I now have over 30 clients, and they are achieving their goals as well. Last year my sales were less than $52,000, but my sales forecast for this year is three times more than last year! My life has changed since I met Michael. Thank you. I would like to contribute to society by using Michael's skills."

Koji Shiraishi
Become a Success Coach
I made $51,400 in just 1 month!
“Before, I was struggling to make money as a brand-new coach. I had been to other coaching certification schools without results, but after I joined the Michael Bolduc Coaching Certification Course, I made $51,400 in a single month.”

Hisanori Iwai
Brand New Coach
Employed within 3 months
"I was laid off from my job during the 2008-2009 recession. Within 3 months, I secured my ideal job as an exclusive director, The compensation is more than what we discussed."

Wayne Schmidt
Doubled income
"Since Michael and I began working together, I've doubled my take-home pay and improved the overall revenue from my business. Our work together has helped me to improve my focus, and my results showed a jump very quickly."

Jason Lexell
Never been happier
"My consulting companies have exploded 100 fold. Because of Michael’s training and coaching, I've never been happier."

Chris Mentillo MSc DD
Doubled income
"Since Michael and I began working together, I've doubled my take-home pay and improved the overall revenue from my business. Our work together has helped me to improve my focus, and my results showed a jump very quickly."

Jason Lexell
$50,000 increase in income
"With your coaching, I was able to go from earning $74,000 to $124,000 within 3 months…Going through your coaching was AWESOME, some really life changing info."

Charles W. Moore
Her Income Increased 5 Times
Laser-Like Focus
"With just one 45-minute coaching session with Michael, my income increased 5 times. If you want to achieve your goal in a short time, I highly recommend Michael as your coach."

Nami Muro
Made $154,200 In Just Thee Months
"I achieved my goal of making $154,200 in just three months"

Yamamoto Hiroshi
Doubled her income!
"Increased my number of clients from 8 to 18 with Michael's coaching."

Aki Kanou
Made Extra Profit
"I made $13,000 extra profit per month with Michael's Coaching."

Yoshio Nozaki
Tripled his income
"With Michael's coaching, I was able to go from $3,000 to $10,000 in income per month—a 300% increase in income!"

Hiro Yoshida
Brings himself to PEAK STATE
"Through the MINDPOWER seminar with Michael, I learned how to bring myself to the PEAK STATE of peak performance in my life.
I give credit to Michael’s teachings, because it is what I believe and have faith in for changing my life. His teaching is very clear and easily understood."

Coach Jib
Doubled Income
"I went from 15,000 per month to 31,000 per month with Michael's coaching."

Mamoru Nakamura
Quadrupled his income
"In my first whole month with Michael, I doubled my income! The second month with Michael I doubled it again! (a 400% increase)."

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